Being avid travellers and self proclaimed food connoisseurs we were inspired by problem statement 5: Help Consumers Make Informed Decisions about Purchasing Exotic Menu Items or Pets. Many of the menu dishes that contain ingredients that contribute to the endangerment of vulnerable species are consumed by tourists and common travellers. To better raise awareness to the detrimental effects of consuming such foods we devised SEEFOOD.

What it does

SEEFOOD translates restaurant menus from any foreign language into the users native language whilst simultaneously red flagging any dishes that use ingredient derived from vulnerable or endangered species, displaying shocking facts about the endangered species and how the dish is contributing to their potential extiction

How we built it

We used google cloud vision apis to extract all the text from the menu and then we passed that into a RESTful service that we built to translate and also format the text accordingly to highlight any endangered species.

Challenges we ran into

Many -- come talk to us to hear about it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting most of the service up and running

What's next for SEEFOOD

Whats next for SeeFood is the addition of many features:

  • automated currency conversion -shocking statistics on clicking red flagged menu dishes -augmented reality text replacement -additional information such as nutritional and allergen

Built With

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