The global fashion industry is responsible for 8,1% of the global climate impact (source: Measuring Fashion – Environmental Impact) and 10% of global CO2 emissions in 2019 (source: Worldbank). Unsustainable mass consumption leads to extreme overproduction. Globally we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year, much of which is not recycled and ends up in landfills. Sustainability, especially in fashion, is a topic many participants in the industry aren’t really transparent about. This, in fact, made it hard to gather information on the supply chains of the global fashion industry. Another challenge was to integrate our ideas into a suitable project. The complexity of the fashion industry offers many opportunities to implement a change and there is plenty of inspiration on the internet which can influence your business model.

What it does

We at Seedwear want you to become part of a reformation in this industry by offering a platform to support designers and purchase green fashion that is produced exactly the way you like and due to standards that respect humans and nature.

We believe that a t-shirt or sweater isn’t only a replaceable piece of garment, but a possibility to tell stories: yours and of the people, who made it for you.

The core element of our idea is the on-demand character of the shop. Through crowdfunding only the designs the community likes the most will be produced. Simultaneously, young artists and designers get a platform to present their ideas of designs and can gather scope for their further career whilst sustainability accompanies the overall process. By attaching labels with a QR-Code to the products, that show the consumer further information on the production process and supply chain of their product, we communicate transparent information for everyone.

How we built it

The Seedwear platform is the core piece of our venture because it combines the possibility of purchasing clothing with a social sustainability feature while enabling young independent designers to show their ideas to the world. The whole platform is built on basis of WooCommerce and has already the full functionality of the platform. The only features that haven't been implemented yet are frontend design submissions, a pre-order payment gateway, a few dynamic contents, and community features like forums and chats - but also the pending implementations are already prepared and just need some tuning. In short, we are live and ready to start approaching the first designers.


We are proud to present a website and transparency system that differs from comparable websites and other approaches. Combining crowdfunding with educating the customer on sustainability and delivering transparency on the fashion industry's value chain is a great way to present eco-friendly clothing to a growing audience. Furthermore, building up a functional platform from scratch within 26 hours motivates us to run the extra mile and to be at the forefront of climate action.

What we learned

Fashion isn’t just retail. It is an opportunity to enforce the importance of sustainability to attenuate the consequences of climate change.

What's next for Seedwear - the story you wear

As a general outlook, Seedwear is keen on developing collaborative workforces with NGOs like Tip Me to aid workers in clothing production in Third-World-Countries but also to ensure that the stated information reflects the truth. Furthermore, we need to build up a network of designers and sustainable manufacturers to kick-off community engagement and to see the seeds growing.

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