One day, you're hungry, and you want some nice food. Wouldn't it SUCK to pay a delivery fee for food? Wouldn't it be great if you could team with strangers to split ONE delivery fee?

What it does

Allows strangers close to each other to connect with one another, to make a combined order at a restaurant, and to split the delivery fee to ultimately SAVE MONEY! Basically: Aggregate people's orders from identical restaurants and similar times to split delivery costs.

Process: 1) User creates an order for a delivery request for a certain restaurant, pickup location range and time. 2) Other users can explore groups and join the delivery request by placing an order. 3) See estimated delivery costs and close order on time limit.

How we built it

First, we drew out a web page transition model that allowed us to identify and spit up tasks for our front and back end developers. As part of the front end design, we used HTML/CSS and Javascript tags to optimize our user friendly interface. Our back end development focused on constructing a database in MongoDB so that "seed" and restaurant information can be stored for the front end to utilize. The last part of the process was ironing out the wrinkles with JS files to connect our front to our back end, giving our interface meaning and function for our final product.

Challenges we ran into

Our general idea proved to be more immersive and time-consuming than originally intended, so we had to scale back some operations for our final demo product. While operating in GitHub, we ran into user-related issues pulling and pushing updates into the master repository so that everyone could be on page with the same code. We also ran into a number of back end issues with setting up MongoDB and integrating it with the front end part of the app. Additionally, we had issues with coding related to the aesthetics of the web app contained within our CSS files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team we've gained even more experience in regards to web app development. With some relatively new Hackathon participants on the team, it proved to be a very educational experience.

What we learned

We've learned how to create reasonable goals and to divide tasks among different aspects of the app.

What's next for SeedShare

  • Implement a Map and chat API to provide users with a more interactive interface to determine the communal delivery point
  • Integrate additional restaurants within a reasonable vicinity of the user
  • Filter for restaurants within a user-controlled specific geographical distance from SeedShare dropoffs
  • Add user account and billing information


  • Create a seed button
  • See table of existing orders sorted by nearest first (bootstrap table???) Table front-end includes: ** Time deadline ** Distance ** People on the seed ** Specific restaurant ** Calculated delivery fee (include fees)
  • Pairing orders: I-frame of order to place it.
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