There isn’t an efficient, transparent, and trustless system that rewards philanthropists of any stature, impactful charities, and the members of society these groups better. Fundraisers in any form take time to put together, lack full transparency, and foster only a transient connection to the cause. Campaigns to promote fundraisers require significant effort, especially when potential donors lack proximity to the issue.

What it does

Seedom is a platform that allows anyone to contribute ether for distribution to legitimate charities and a participant in Seedom’s trustless smart contract. Our hacking project for ETHDenver created a decentralized way for our Seedom community to vote the next charity to be supported by our platform through range voting.

How we built it

We built Seedom with a custom CI suite that wraps a local parity node. We've used this successfully for our existing DAPP and it has served us well. For the hackathon, we created an additional contract that talks to our existing contract to determine ACL voting rights. For the frontend, we stuck to a fairly typical stack of react, webpack, and web3.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't know anything about Aragon before we got here. During the hackathon, we started tinkering with their libraries but soon realized we had a different governance model that didn't align with Aragon's implementation. Particularly, they use a token based platform whereas we use a "proof of participation" based platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a live platform on ethereum mainnet and have created what we call a routine giving DAPP. We had the opportunity to explain Seedom's story a lot this weekend and were able to fine-tune our implementation

What we learned

  • Applying agile to a hackathon gets you past any impediments very quickly
  • Gas is very tricky
  • Overall, the community is extremely helpful and welcoming to anyone that wants to push this movement forward

What's next for Seedom ++

Seedom is actively seeking charities to build relationships to be supported by our platform including our upcoming Beta testing.

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