It's become more and more obvious that while startups are able to scale things like technical infrastructure, considerations of culture become more and more left behind.

Seedling aims to use startup data from places such as Slack, meeting transcripts, and email transcripts to analyze, derive cultural insight from, and recommend shifts in communication.

What it does

Currently Seedling takes the archive Slack exports by default for moderators, traverses through it and consolidates all of it into a serialized format, uses Microsoft's Cognitive Services API to derive insights regarding culture from the data, and displays it in a dashboard format.

How we built it

The backend/analysis all happens in Node.js + via Microsoft's APIs. The front-end was built purely in React/JS.

What's next for Seedling

We're looking to go beyond the basic textual analysis that Microsoft's APIs allowed for and derive more nuanced (and perhaps hidden) insight. It'd also be awesome if we were able to serve this need for actual early-stage startups via a SaaS model.

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