In our current world situation, small businesses have been hit hard by covid 19. Some are on the brink of bankruptcy, others are just starting their journey. It's tough for them to make profits with all the stay-at-home and social-distancing regulations. Customers visiting a minority-owned seller's website do not know the background or the financial stability of the small business. The snippet SeedFundMe is a tool that lets visitors know that the website is minority-owned which would help them grow their business either by purchasing items or by donating to the small business.

What it does

Displays a badge on the home screen of any minority-owned seller's website. A visitor would instantly know that the website is a minority-owned website and can donate easily. The visitor can then click on the 'help us' button on the badge which would take the user to the donation payment page of the website thereby increasing their business.

How we built it

Using Square Snippets API, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

Modifying existing elements to add the snippet of the seller website

What we learned

Getting accustomed to the Snippets API and modifying existing live HTML pages.

What's next for SeedFundMe Snippet

Adding SeedFundMe to the Square Marketplace and helping other small ethnic businesses!

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