In our current world situation, small businesses have been hit hard by covid 19. Some are on the brink of bankruptcy, others are just starting their journey. It's tough for them to make profits with all the stay-at-home and social-distancing regulations. We

What it does

SeedFundMe is a tool that provides funding for small businesses of all ethnic backgrounds. The primary feature of SeedFundme is to link investors with small businesses using Neo4j's Graph Database and Neo4j's GraphQL Library. Seedfundme encourages socially and economically disadvantaged small business to receive investments from small investors like you and me or Venture Capitalists around the world. Seedfundme consists of a network database that includes small businesses that are linked to their categories and investors can select which categories they are interested to invest in thus linking investors to interests. These interests can either be the expertise of the investor or their personal ethnic preference.

How we built it

We built the application using GRAND stack (

Challenges we ran into

Understanding GraphQL and graph database. Also getting accustomed to the GraphQL playground.

What we learned

Learned to use GraphQL, graph database, and apollo with ReactJS.

What's next for SeedFundMe

Creating a full-fledged application where businesses and investors can create accounts and use the application. Approaching investors and small businesses to use the app and help small businesses.


Please feel free to contribute to The project is built on top of GrandStack starter app (

Built With

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