Nowadays people are very busy in cities with their fast-paced lives. We worry about the environment here and there, but never really do something about it. Even if we want to do, we are often bound with lack of resources and time.

What it does

Seeders arena is an online game that allows users to plant real trees via virtual environment and compete with their online friends. For every virtual tree, you buy in-game, we will plant a real tree for it. For plantation, we will employ people from villages who have lost their jobs due to the COVID situation.

Everyone loves to play and compete in games. This app builds upon this theory to help our environment. The player in this game can control the water levels, fertilizer levels, etc. This helps with learning about farming and gardening, which we have forgotten living inside these high rise buildings.

Since these plants are planted in the realtime, player, whenever he/she gets time can visit his sapling and explore the true happiness of his work.

How we built it

We built this using Next.js and Tailwindcss

Challenges we ran into

We faced many problems setting up the project with the required linter and recommit hooks. But once we passed that, we were unstoppable.

What we learned

We learned how to use utility frameworks like tailwindcss. We also learned how to deploy apps onto platforms like vercel.

What's next for Seeders Arena

We want to pair with government, to plant real trees for every virtual tree that is planted through the tree. And would like the capital to reach where it is most necessary.

Built With

  • nextjs
  • tailwind
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