Seed Spot has a website (front-end only) with no back-end for effective communication and collaboration. They also do not have an efficient way of interacting with Alumni, mentors, staff and aspiring entrepreneurs. This results in loss of valuable feedback and interaction and wasted time managing communications. These Alumni do not have access to course materials which should be accessible to them. They should also be able to access any and all information they need from the staff without having to call multiple staff members to get access.

What it does

Solves all above problems. We are adding these functionalities using ready to use WordPress Pulgins. The plan is to then create REST APIs to interact with the WordPress back-end and make a Mobile App for additional level of interaction.

How I built it

We integrated WP LearnPress plugin with BuddyPress to create a user-interface that allows entrepreneurs to connect to courses, pay for them and at the same time, the same dashboard allows them to communicate with their peers to seek mentorship and facilitate the same for their peers as well.

WordPress REST APIs and Dropbox APIs allow us to stream real time validations and content from the web server while Dropbox is used to stream media content. All of this on the Mobile App facilitates a seamless and wonderful user experience.

The Mobile App was built using Ionic framework for phonegap which allowed us to put the mobile app into production for Android and iOS simultaneously.

Alchemy Tagger allows for users to tag posts with contextual taxonomies (using natural language processing) so that users get a "reddit-like" experience allowing them a more integrated and annotated access to all of the content.

Challenges I ran into

DNS Name propogation took time - We used another outdated site as a temporary placeholder to host the backup content.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team connected in a unison to decide what technologies to work in and in the process all of us learnt something new. Our contribution to helping others from within our team and outside and seeking advice from others made us feel like experts in what we do. Meeting new people and making connections beyond Opportunity Hackathon is something that can summarize all of the other accomplishments.

What I learned

What's next for Seed Spot Community

Refining and Implementing at a scale across multiples organization across the world.

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