SEEDS.code is a complete end to end system for annotating reality. It equips you with eye-catching augmentable “seed codes” that lets you annotate photos, 3D models (and coming soon video and text)!

SEEDS.code is a cross platform iOS and Android AR app, built using Unity and powered by PTC Vuforia aka Qualcomm Augmented Reality. Data is stored on both S3 and MySQL and 3D models are from Google Poly API. And also seamlessly sent to Brother mobile printers!

ORIGINALITY. The foundations of SEEDS.code is a new kind of aesthetically-pleasing QR code inspired by plant press scrapbooks.

The SEEDS.code API effectively provides a primary key to reality.

Beyond just a barcode, you can also augment unique meta data on any Seeds.code surface.


As an example, we’ll show photos of an event that can be “permanently stored” on its corresponding SEEDS.code primary key to that point in space time.

Many applications are possible with this cross platform iOS and Android AR app built using Unity powered by PTC Vuforia. Imagine a new form of ambient discovery and sharing in tourism. Or, the business uses at an expo hall or museum, or even on expo badges. Or, the evolution of the omnipresent Che Guevara graffiti - now, as a Brother mobile printer powered SEED.code!

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