Got lost, wondered how I could explain to my friend where I was, but I could not really give him an address. So I figured making an app where you can share location to meet people, know how far they are (I was impatient :p) without the use of an address and at the same time make it super simple.

How it works

*Send Location Let your friends know where to meet you by sending your location *Request Location You can request your friend's location to meet with them. *Live Tracking See precisely how close your friends are and when they will arrive in real time.

Challenges I ran into

UI, UX would be a mess without the help of my co-founder Nhat Tran. Servers, and making everything work on a map, creating a REST API. Finding motivation, seeking help with bugs in the process and funding ourselves while being in college

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

REST API, Android Wear :), own live tracking algorithm and its ability to work in the background, and the simplicity of the app.

What I learned

A lot! Android development, python, git, nginx, django, java, eclipse, android studio, google APIs, UI/UX experience, AWS etc etc...

What's next for See You There

IOS release! New features!

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