It seems like every day my Twitter feed lights up with record breaking weather temperature anomalies occurring all over the world. The Florida State University publishes real time temperature record breakers via their website. This data is currently not being mapped and really should be. What a great dataset to add to a map and facilitate the ability to monitor in real time record breaking temperatures.

What it does

This Google Maps based app takes visitors on a tour of the places in the world where temperature records are being broken every hour.

How we built it

Backend - A hand crafted Python script goes off and harvests the hourly temperature records being broken, then, calls the Google Maps Geocoding API to derive map coordinates for each of these events.

Frontend - The actual web based app makes use of the WebGL-powered features for Maps JavaScript API to smoothly navigate and display each record temperature breaking location.

Challenges we ran into

Data was a bit tricky to obtain. Incorporating three.js and tween.js posed a learning curve for my development skill level.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Python script to harvest climate data.

What we learned

I've never utilized the WebGL-powered features the Google Maps API. I learned how to structure code/events to best make use of these features.

What's next for See the World Burn Up in Real Time

Add more layers of information to the map; like real time weather temperature heat maps, and other weather related data.

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