The children's classic toy See and Say is now available in skill form as See Say.

See Say offers 28 different animal sounds and 250 fun animal facts to continue the learning. To make more than just an animal sound skill, I used Skill Cards to display pictures of each animal and facts about them. My intent was to make a skill that could be used over a long period of time. That is why I gave the child the choice to pick an animal sound with a card displaying a fact and also an intent that would read off a fact and display it in a Skill Card as well. As children continue to use the skill they will be able to explore more. Also, I wanted to keep the session open after each request so that a child would just have to say yes, no, or another command in order to continue. This way the child would not have to be bothered with restarting the skill they could just keep going. I believe this option separates my See Say from others, because it just requires a simple response to keep playing and doesn't require the session to be restarted. I believe that the key to great skill building is keeping it simple.

Voice Command Examples:
To get started launch the skill to spin the wheel and a random animal sound will be generated.
To hear an animal fact just ask for a animal fact.
To hear a bunch of animal sounds in a row just say play the animals.
You can access a certain animal by saying an animal's name that is listed below. Example: What does the (animal) say?

The animals featured in See Say include:
Alligator, Bats, Bald Eagle, Bear, Bees, Cat, Cow, Dog, Donkey, Duck,
Elephant, Fox, Frog, Goat, Hippopotamus, Horse, Lion, Monkey, Owl,
Parrot, Penguin, Pig, Rooster, Seal, Sea Lion, Sheep, Toucan, and Whale

I hope that you enjoy this skill as much as I did creating it!
V/R Nicholas E. Sawka

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