Recent advances in ultrasound technology have provided sonographers and expecting parents with the ability to see real-time video of an unborn baby with remarkable clarity. However, they have been limited to viewing this video on a 2D screen with slow point-and-click controls for adjusting the perspective. See My Baby AR enhances the 4D ultrasound viewing experience by displaying it as a hologram in 3D space and allowing the user to naturally move a held object to view the baby from every possible angle. The application also gives users the ability to record what they see and share with family and friends over the web. Modern ultrasound equipment produces 3D volume objects that See My Baby AR quickly imports and matches to a particular tracking object. The application is built on a powerful augmented reality platform by Metaio and is intended for use with the Moverio BT-200 smartglasses. The semi-transparent display of these glasses allows users to see virtual content without obstructing their view of the world, which helps to keep them oriented. See My Baby AR is intended for use by 4D ultrasound providers and their clients during an appointment.

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