Climate change is a serious issue which will cause many environmental issues, one of which is sea level rise. 80% of the population of California live within 30 miles of the Pacific Ocean. The NOAA has been studying sea level rise extensively and have released massive datasets showing which areas in North America will be impacted most. See Level wants to help inform citizens how bad sea level rise will become.

What it does

Sea Level is an iOS App that uses the user's location and phone technology to map a simulated ocean over the ground, with an adjustable slider demonstrating sea level rise in the later part of this century. Citizens in California, or other coastal states, who are about to purchase a home may want to make sure that it won't be partially underwater in 20 years. Most mortgage loans are on a 30 year fixed rate.

How I built it

I used Swift & ARKit to build See Level. ARKit made this project possible due to their machine learning algorithms and excellent plane detection methods. This app was completely built from start to finish at Treehacks 2019.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first full app built in Swift, I spent half of the allotted hacking time getting up to speed on Swift. The documentation for many methods in Scenekit, which ARKit uses to render and track 3d models, is lacking, and proved frustrating at times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that the app works, it's going to be interesting to use in different parts of the bay area.

What I learned

Swift (extensively) and ARKit

What's next for See Level

I need to complete the backend/database, and completely import the NOAA dataset. I need to improve the plane detection methods, add more view controllers, and launch on the app store for everyone to use!

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