The inspiration for building SeeFood was creating something that we would use ourselves. As an ideal user persona, one of our group members Albert is vegan and realized that buying food for his specific dietary restriction is time-consuming and unnecessarily more difficult than it has to be.

From having to read the label of every snack to spending way too much time in the grocery store staring at ingredient lists, SeeFood helps cut this necessary time down.

What it does

By scanning the barcode of specific food items, the SeeFood app is able to quickly scan a database to provide relevant ingredient details as well as potential dietary violations the product contains.

Having this information so easily available with your phone allows people to better and more effectively follow their diets. Since adopting a diet takes time and effort, finding ways to optimize your time is important to follow your diet long-term.

How we built it

By building the app with react native for on-the-go phone support and using expo to test the app, our team was able to slowly build the front end and figure out the API calls and analysis in time.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge SeeFood ran into was saving data locally or asynchronously on the user's device to receive more customized information through scans.

Allowing users to add their own custom restrictions and saving this information on a user's phone is important for users that suffer from food allergies or want to restrict specific ingredients without having to go and change their preferences. Instead, the scan feature is more simple and is able to check if the food that is scanned is vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Efficiently accessing APIs and parsing useful information based on user input.

Creating a simple and useful mobile application that works on Apple and Android.

What we learned

Planning before the hackathon is SUPER IMPORTANT to do well in a timely manner. Get experience working on software projects to get a feel for scrappy software solutions that are useful to any type of software project.

What's next for See Food

Allow users to further customize the information SeeFood outputs. Have users choose their specified diet, have users add their own specific dietary restrictions, and have users be able to access their account cross-platform using Google authentication and cloud features.

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