The idea came from when I was doing research about environmental issues and I realized I had no idea what any of the statistics meant.

What it does

See CO2 is an interactive experience that allows users to see carbon dioxide emissions data in an interesting way.

How I built it

The visualizations were built using d3.js, a Javascript library meant to produce interactive documents for web browsers.

Challenges I ran into

Cleaning and formatting the data in order for it to be used was more challenging than anticipated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The final displays look somewhat accurate to the data given.

What I learned

Geometry is a good thing to know before you try to display data...

What's next for See CO2

Create a tool that creates this type of visualization for any data set. For example, the original idea was for the website to not only display information about carbon dioxide, but also other metrics like waste generated or the number of domestic flights.

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