One of our team member’s grandparents suffers from severe Alzheimer's Disease and is unable to remember events that happen the same day. Getting frustrated of having to explain many events over and over again, and knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of other people around the world who go through the same frustrated process of describing events to their loved ones, we decided that we wanted to build a web application that is able to allow users to immerse themselves in the memory, and experience it for themselves.

How we built it

  1. We set up a file server for the client to upload their file
  2. We do front end and back end development web app development
  3. When the client connects, the server will retrieve information about the date, time, string location of the photo
  4. Upload information to file server, database will rename file by ID and process (take file info at a time and date stamp, string location AND Boolean flag to know if information has been processed or not)
  5. Convert JPEG file in Unity to Oculus
  6. Allow the user to download file, information from database

Challenges we ran into

Since this was the first time we attempted to program using VR, there was a learning curve in how to make this program better. Moreover, we also wanted to integrate an API, so we had to learn the syntax and methods of doing this properly as well

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating VR into our project, working together as a team, incorporating the Firebase API to allow users to sign into our program using their Google accounts

What's next for See++

(a lot) More work to make it less buggy and run smoothly.

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