Did you hear about the woman who called 911 to order a pizza?

Scene: You're walking home alone, and it looks like someone is following you. You don't want to aggravate this person behind you by prematurely calling 911, and your friends and family are probably asleep, but you want someone watching your back just in case.

We chose the name "Securus" because of its Latin meaning: "unconcerned, untroubled, carefree". The goal of this system is to offer some peace of mind to its users, no matter their situation.

What it does

Folks who need to walk home download an app that gives access to two things:

  • A quick, discreet call for emergency services, campus security, or to construct a police report, disguised as an order for pizza and designed specifically to be unambiguous for law enforcement. Doubles as a talking buddy when you're walking alone.
  • Route planning assistance to avoid unsafe spots and encourage walks along safer spots

Reports submitted through the app will be sent along with GPS data in real-time to a dashboard that can be used by law enforcement to help those in urgent situations.

Using the Qualcomm IoT board, we've loaded computer vision software that recognizes signs of activity to estimate the safety of the local area. The goal is to integrate the boards into existing surveillance camera systems across UBC to provide real-time safety data on and around campus.

How we built it

Built using Android Studio for the Android app, Amazon Lex for speech recognition and chatbot flows, Web development for the dashboard, OpenCV and HMDB (Large Human Motion Database) to train the Qualcomm IoT board

Challenges we ran into

Faced a lot of difficulties attempting to deploy web app to Google Cloud Platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a chatbot, did the Android, and a web app all in one hackathon!

What we learned

API plumbing is real hard

What's next for Securus

  • Integrating Qualcomm devices with security camera networks around campus, or other dark areas- Custom code words and more scenarios for the chatbot
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