Are we looking to simplify life for a clinical staff stretched to the limit? Remove complexity as a barrier to faster decision making? Reduce variability in care delivery? Integrate emerging technologies with your IT Systems and EMR? What patient care challenges do you face today? A potential challenge during a pandemic outbreak like COVID-19 is overwhelmed hospitals. Already our Healthcare sector lagging in smart technologies in some areas but problems revealed in the system during COVID more. At present, the hospitals don’t have the capacity for a large number of incoming patients. No matter what our challenges, they all revolve around our ability to watch over patients and provide the best care possible wherever it takes place. As we know that this pandemic is really tough for us so I made an AR app that will help the people as well as the doctor.

What it does

It’s an integrated solution that fits securely into our hospital’s IT Environment or use by normal people to help drive clinical and economic outcomes. It captures a steady stream of patient data from monitors and medical devices, then feeds it automatically to our EMR(Electronic Medical Record) for virtually gap-free patient records from admission to discharge. Even during transport. And it gives on-the-move caregivers virtually anywhere, anytime visibility to a patient vital sign’s, waveform, and alarms. So, we can communicate and collaborate to decide on the best course of care and the right caregiver to provide it. AR device will give the virtual world related information of our body parts.

Securoaid offers an ideal way to monitor patients while they are in quarantine or at home or in the hospital. To tackle this problem, we have made a self equipped next-generation wearable Smart Monitor device(a combination of hardware and software) which may act as the means of monitoring vital signs and would help everyone have the accessibility towards regular health check without having the necessity to rush towards the hospital. The platform offers an end-to-end solution all the way from devices to the central command center dashboard and analytics along with managed services. The device hub includes those that measure vital body temperature, heart rate, Respiratory Rate, blood pressure, SpO2 level in the blood and Body fall detection which monitor through website (Fitsafe) and a mobile app.

How we built it

If small Patient Monitoring could be connected to a network wirelessly, patients would be able to move around freely while their physiological signals are monitored. Thus, we will develop a portable embedded device that can monitor the condition of patients in real-time using biomedical sensor network such as sensor is a Max30102(for Heart rate and SpO2), Ds18b20 (for body temperature), blood pressure (BP by PPG self-designed sensor),Respiratory Rate, MPU6050 (for Fall detection) and provide various physiological signals via wireless communication so that the physiological signals may be monitored remotely Based on the graphic display (android Smartphone) and web i.e., Fitsafe.

Challenges we ran into

Complete the project with available electronics hardware components. Firebase Admin to register users, save and fetch data Setup Google VM instances, especially configure firewall rules for the VM.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working, Next-generation device with real-time data functioning backend servers for data management easy to use app which can present real-time data to the user over the app.

What we learned

Make an app through the MIT App Inventor. Also, learn to build a website in the basic part.

What's next for Securoaid

In terms of enhancing the project, we can identify the user’s state of mind using EEG or GSR reading & Machine Learning. In terms of marketing the product, we would like to initially target public spaces in our region.

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