Security vulnerability has been a main and hot topic in the health industry. Many health companies and hospitals have been targeted for sensitive information. We want to build a tool to aid any security researchers and hospitals, by visualizing security breach trends in hope of strengthening security measures.

What it does

Our data visualization application provides user friendly visuization about security breaches trends, location, types and severities. It is done retrieving security breach data that we processed from online resources.

How we built it

Website is hosted on Azure container instances with Jupyter notebook, plotly, pyspark, Power BI(maybe) and leaflet.js(maybe). Data processing was done using Python and NLP library(NLTK) as well as geolocation API by Google. Also untilize GCP cloud mysql database for storage and Google computer engine for data processing.

Challenges we ran into

Power BI can't be deploy(as of right now) because of OS and Microsoft account incompatibility with student account. Data source information is inconsistence. General tech stack unfamiliarity are also very challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to combine these tech stacks into a working application. Each member was able to contribute their individual talents and insights to make the project work.

What we learned

Alone, we go faster, but TOGETHER we go much, much further. Yerba mate helps too.

What's next for SecurityPoint

We will try to branch out for more types of data breaches and hopefully implement more powerful data analytic tools.

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