Originally we had thought in terms of building security. Keeping track of the people coming through a building to know how many people use a space, who should be in that space, and how often it is used could be very useful for ensuring safe and orderly environments. Then we thought, how could this be used to help people? How can this be used on a large scale? Security Tracker can be used to identify victims of human trafficking, store facial recognition data of criminals, security tracker can be used to make the world a safer place.

What it does

Security Tracker is a smart surveillance system which uses machine learning and facial recognition to monitor an area, keeping track of individuals coming into and out of the area, storing data about area population, and even tracking certain types of items within the space.

How we built it

We adapted a web page template to give us a fairly basic way of displaying our project that was easy for someone new to coding to implement. We used OpenCV and open-source OBS code (Open Broadcast Software) to develop the streaming and image recognition software, embedding it in the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

Arranging html elements to be in an order where everything was properly viewable. Getting OpenCV to work on windows.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

"We are able to combine the facial recognition algorithm with the camera input in real time." -Suparit Sunpongsri

"I made my own website, customized to fit the needs for my team and our project." -Neeve Kadosh

"I became familiar with three languages I've not really used before." -Nicholas Klein

"I gained experience in HTML and object orientation, integrating between multiple languages." -Douglas Fisher

What I learned

"I learned how to code in html after only having general coding knowledge prior to this event." -Neeve Kadosh

"I ran a database in MySQL for the first time and refined my knowledge of python and HTML. " -Nicholas Klein

What's next for Security Tracking

Security Tracking can be expanded to use multiple cameras, keeping track of people and objects in a large grid allowing security teams and law enforcement to better monitor their jurisdictions. Additionally a dedicated GUI will be developed to keep track of multiple cameras and to better display information in a concise manner.

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