The idea was to build a security system for my hostel room that could prevent the constants thefts that were occurring in my college hostel.

What I made

I developed a simple prototype using a raspberry pi and the pi-cam which is the default camera supported by the raspberry pi. The idea was to create a simple stand alone module. One that works without a laptop to function as the system. The easiest way to detect is using a laser. So I used a laser pointer as the transmitter and a LDR as the receiver. If the laser connection is obstructed the security must be breached, and an alarm must be sounded. Apart from this, an email is sent to my email address with a picture taken from the pi-cam as an attachment so i know what caused the obstruction. But rather that disabling security every time, or ignoring the alarms when i step in, I thought of making it a little innovative and adding a little face recognition. So, when i want to enter my room, I can scan my face from the pi-cam camera, if it recognizes a familiar face, it will disable security and i can obstruct the laser without sounding the alarm. The face recognition is done using harrcascades and the LBPF classifier present in OpenCV. It is not very accurate but works like a charm in most situations.

Technical gist

A LDR and a LASER diode is used as a receiver and a transmitter. In case the LASER is cut/obstructed, an image is taken from the Raspberry PI camera module. In case a person is responsible for the intrusion, a face recognition algorithm is used to check if he/she is family or not. In case of the latter, an alarm is sounded and a message is sent to the owner of the system notifying about the intrusion

Built With

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