Using Microsoft Band technology to revolutionize enterprise security;

using a v1 Band, provided a new way of third factor (know, have, are) authentication to the user. Briefly, we store real time heartbeats per minute and skin temperature to an online DB and compute averages for them every single login attempt, if the very last readings show something above or lower than average plus threshold then the user is logged in to a honeypot instead of real system (Anomaly detection), to protect the system from gun point logins, disgruntled employees who usually become nervous when doing internal attacks,resulting in detectable spikes, or even hacking attempts, as different people have different averages and metabolic rates. However, if this was just a false positive, maybe the user was just running to work, the user could whisper a passphrase to the system in the first 90 seconds he/she was logged to the honeypot, to get access to the real system and log this event for review by admin. On the other hand, upon testing we found that as we compute the average real time if the user was running then his averages should slightly be changed for the last few hours and training mode would be activated on the band using calories burned and running motion which in this case will result in a successful login to the real system directly, omitting the false positive detection. System will not process the login attempt if the band isn’t in 10 feet range or if it is not worn, making brute force attempts harder. This is just 3rd factor authentication that for best results should be used with a strong password and a verification code sent to the user’s cell phone when the correct credentials are submitted. This solution costs the same as an average access key but it is unlikely that someone would lose his Band compared to a smart access card or key, and even if that happened the connected device would notify you, moreover it promotes a healthy life style for employees making them feel better. I worked on Azure Mobile Services, Web APP, and Tables, C#, Windows 8.1 desktop & phone (Universal) App Dev, Bing Voice, Microsoft Band v1 SDK, JavaScript, Html, PHP, IIS & Apache Servers.



What it does

Secures network based on real time data

Challenges I ran into

real time and delays

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

it works lel

What I learned

c# and different microsoft technologies

What's next for Security - Filter

more development on security and voice aspects

Built With

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