All three of us are cybersecurity enthusiasm. Therefore, we decided to build something related to the topic of cybersecurity. While connected the idea of cybersecurity nowadays has become more important than all the other time periods. The public network puts us in a society without privacy. We can't stop the rapid improvements of technology, yet what we can do, is to protect ourselves from being exposed online. While the best, and the simplest way of doing that, is by having a stronger password. Starting from that, we determined to make something that will give the user a 'securer' password and an online environment.

What it does

Check whether the password user input is a secure password or not. The output will pop up with how much time it takes for a hacker to break the password, the elements the user should include in their password etc.

How we built it

Utilizing the languages of HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Via the platform of QOOM.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything :]

What we learned

There's nothing we can't accomplish when we work hard, word together.

What's next for Securitier

We are planning to add a 'recommend password' that contains: based on the password the user puts in, what are some of the recommend password related to it that's stronger etc. Furthermore, promote this functionality of Securitier and the idea of protecting ourselves on the internet to the general public to advocate a safer online environment.

Team Contributions

Sani Deshmukh: JavaScript Sven Zhang: HTML/CSS Maitreyee Markale: CSS

Due to there's no database involved in this program; therefore, no password will be tracked, we trade user's privacy as a majority.

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