Our inspiration for this project was to implement a solution that would help users ultimately be safe from themselves and be more confidant with their actions on the internet. Not having a deep background in CyberSecurity it was a lot of fun in order to join the hackathon sessions in order to learn more about the topic and apply known skills in order to make a solution.

What it does

This application serves to aid individuals in gaining confidence over their online security and to preemptively strike against potential threats. Our solution notifies the user on any data breaches that has happened on any site the user has visited in the past through the use of a chrome extension and twillio SMS. Also notifies upon abnormal browsing activity detected through machine learning.

How We built it

Using a combination of Python, Javascript, React, Firebase, Gunicorn, and nginx

What's next for SecureSurf

Would love to see how far we can take predictive technology with this application!

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