Inspiration ✨

It is a well-known fact that illegal logging accounts for 15-30% of the global timber trade and cutting down trees is the main reason behind deforestation.

What it does 🤔

SecuRest is a device that can be placed on a tree at a certain height and it can detect illegal logging happening in the forest, near the range of that tree. When motion is detected around that region, SecuRest will trigger an alert for the camera, and the servo will rotate it to capture images of the area. It is then sent to google cloud vision for face detection. If a face is detected around there, that image will be logged and uploaded to the cloud and it can then be reviewed by the forest authority.

How we built it 🚀

It is equipped with an Arduino nano, a camera, a servo, and a distance sensor. Web backend is developed in PHP, face detection is performed using Google Cloud Vision API and Images are stored using ImgBB API.

Challenges we ran into 🔮

Setting up the Google API again was a pain, because I accidentally uploaded my API key and it was being misused to mine some crypto. I had to contact the google support team to reinstate my account.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🥳

Finally being able to set up everything and getting it to work

What we learned 🙇‍♂️

To always check the files before pushing and to never upload API keys on repositories.

What's next for SecuRest 🚀

I'll move it on a Raspberry Pi Interface to make it a standalone device and use Li-Ion batteries for durability.

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