Our team is from the safe town of Pleasanton. We live in a bubble, where there is no crime, and the standards for a poor person are having a salary under 80,000$. Today, like many of our fellow hackers, we used the BART train to come here. On the way, we saw several poor areas, and we were curious about the crime rates. We searched it up and we were astonished. Their crime rate was vastly greater than any city in the Silicon Valley. We knew that we had to do something about this.

What it does

SecureSense provides security in a simple way. Our Arduino hardware has a range detector. This range detector is constantly measuring the range of the closest object in front of it, if something comes in the way of these two objects, such as a person's foot, the distance decreases. We give the user the option to set a threshold, such as the distance of the detector to their mailbox. Anytime the distance between the detector and the nearest object becomes less than the threshold, it recognizes it as motion. This is passed as input into the Arduino IDE. From there, it travels to CoolTerm, which processes it, creating a text file as an output. This text file is then sent to our user friendly website, alerting the user that there is an intruder.

How I built it

We first gathered several components for our Arduino hardware, such as an HC06 Chip, an active buzzer, and a range detector. We then put those on the breadboard and zip tied them together. We made a model box for style and put the arduino in the box.

Challenges I ran into

I could not figure out how to make coolterm work, but I did at the end, and the same scenario happened with the bluetooth component. On top of that, trivial challenge was putting it in the box, but we overcame that pretty quickly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Incorporating a bluetooth component, to make the whole process wire-free
  • Including a map on our website tracking the Arduino hardware

What I learned

We learned how to code in several different IDEs, including the Arduino IDE, Atom, and CoolTerm.

What's next for SecureSense

We wish to make the box containing the hardware more practical.

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