Even today in the 21st Century many doctors still send and request medical records thorugh paper. This is due to the lack of security on existing sytems. In fact, the government imposes strict regulations on encryption methods used to handle medical data.

I want to create a secure way to send and receive medical records.

What it does

Uploads, receives, and sends medical records securely.

How I built it

The backend is built in Node.js using Mongodb as its database and Knurld for the voice authentication.

Challenges I ran into

Knurld's API consits of several aysnchronous requests, therefore it was difficult to make everything sequential while still provide simplicity for the end user. I solved the problem by making every request to Knurld a Promise and then making a chain of promises in the backend.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to implement a simple way for the front user to request a login, with as few API calls as possible to the node backend.

What I learned

Chaining of Promises calls in node.

What's next for SecureRecord

Add more functionality, such as being able to download the files and online viewing.

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