A BlockChain Based Textual Content Sharing Application


The Textual content sharing system serves as a major backbone for resolving problems and providing security. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the existing system which can be solved using blockchain technology.Nowadays this application can be used for contact tracing of a particular person infected with the virus by updating the contact detaIis of a person like his travel history. In India, most health complaints of people are not solved and even if the complaint gets registered, most of the higher officials are unaware of the complaints as most of them are being manipulated in between. This kind of problem can be solved using a decentralized platform for people to register their queries, which all the officials in that particular zone can access and take action immediately without means of altering the message.

Working Model::

When a user enters a complaint, it gets registered into one of the blocks in our blockchain system in a systematic manner. Once all the Blocks are mined, the list of complaints is made visible to everyone over the network. As the content provided by the user is stored in an individual block which is then attached to the blockchain networks makes it impossible for anyone to alter the content.


  1. PYTHON 3.6
  2. Flask==1.1.1
  3. Flask-Admin==1.4.2
  4. Flask-Cors==3.0.3
  5. Flask-Migrate==2.0.0
  6. Flask-Script==2.0.5
  7. Flask-SQLAlchemy==2.1.0
  8. blockchain 1.4.4
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