Christopher Reeves is an international journalist who, like many others in his field, risks his life to carry valuable data in order to spread the truth. After listening to his presentation about his work in the field and realizing the value of his actions, our group sought to create technology that would not only keep his information secure, but lessen the risk carrying such information would have when traveling around the world.

After identifying his situation we decided that a mobile application that would keep sensitive information secure yet still accessible through simple means was the best way to approach this challenge. This is what lead us to create a product that we think will reinvent the lockscreen.

Introducing SecuriMe.

Simple. Secure. Functional. These three core ideas are what we built our lockscreen application around. SecuriMe allows the user to have hide all of their sensitive information at the click of a button, without harming the information or being complicated to use. Using a dual-passcode system, we implemented two modes that you can now launch your device into that responds to your situation.

Run into trouble and need to hide your data? Simply enter your second password and all of your sensitive information becomes hidden into the system, inaccessible by your usual applications, but still available to you upon entering your regular password.

Using your lockscreen for regular daily use? Just enter your normal password and you're in - all of your files are there to access and applications run like they normally do.

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