Currently, I work in the medical device industry creating products that make medical imaging capabilities available to everyone. The medical landscape is changing. And where healthcare can happen will transition from point of care to point of care everywhere. With devices like mobile phones and smart watches and portable imaging devices. That means an attack surface that will increase exponentially. SecureHealth is a POC to protect health networks from compromise that could bring down an entire network of health services with fatal consequences.

What it does

Devices provisioned and controlled through SecureHealth can be monitored through the XSOAR SecureHealth integration, possibly using PAN's AppID technology. When anomolous activity is detected the system creates an incident using Google Chronicle to automatically prepare related information that allows the analyst to escalate the situation and allow SecureHealth to automatically unprovision the device and protect the rest of the network.

How I built it

The integration is built with python connecting to SecureHealth services (some simulated for lack of PAN hardware).

Challenges I ran into

Access to PAN hardware

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for SecureHealth

Onboard the first devices

Built With

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