Obsessed with productivity, a free habit-building app is exactly the thing our group members wanted to see in the market. After a fruitless hour and a half of brainstorming, we were all irritated. The idea came out to us when we all simultaneously checked our productivity apps - subscription-based, information-selling productivity apps. We knew we had to improve on them.

What it does

It uses badges, anonymous multi-player leaderboards and daily check-ins to motivate someone to build a habit. You are able to join "challenges" to better your life, customize your avatar, and best of all, it's all secure and local. We don't need your personal info, location data, or payment information.

How we built it

Leon was our back-end developer. He built the entire website in javascript, html, css, Node, React, and Blockstack from scratch. At one point, his RescueTime script recorded him working for 18 hours in a row. Did he even sleep? Girish learned and assisted in initialization and configuration of Blockstack. He also deployed our Node project through heroku. He works exclusively in Vim, which is both sad and impressive at once.

J, an avid fan of retro 8-bit graphics and pretentious writing, managed the team and contributed art and writing assets. Sadly, there's no place to flex Java muscles at a hackathon, but she'll keep trying!

Challenges we ran into

  • Blockstack tutorials worked on Windows but not Mac
  • Translating html files to React was not working
  • Blockstack and React didn't mesh great
  • Random front-page glitches that we traced back to an unrelated button
  • Blockstack was not working

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting Blockstack to work

What we learned

  • B l o c k s t a c k

What's next for SecureHabits

We plan to implement avatar items, a keybase bot-based check-in system, and an eventual mobile app.

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