GeoData is becoming more and more main stream. And need for analysis on the data and security of the data is important.

What it does

GeoSecure is a geocode based secure data analytics platform Example Data are, Military vehicles and devices data from corresponding locations Corporate device, sales person’s data, etc. These need to be protected from any kind of vulnerabilities and attacks geoSecure provides extra security using Intel SGX Trusted Enclaves. geoSecure stores fetched geo data in the SGX Trusted Enclaves. geoSecure fetches the links for videos, images from SGX Trusted Enclaves on demand instead of loading all to the client.

How I built it

Docker Hub image id: pvdocker/docker-test:latest

Actual code:

DeepcloudAI : jobid: 9f4f6435-ceea-4a33-aca0-a74b60c28422

Challenges I ran into

Lack of docs. SGX size limits DeepcloudAI integration VM issues for docker on windows.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tried and learnt SGX, DeepcloudAI, docker container for secure geotracking.

What I learned

What I didn't. SGX and Dapp .

What's next for SecureGeo

To identify the secure domain and more use cases for this app would server , mostly for government agencies like FBI, CIA, Military, etc. Find early adopters and get feed back to build the perfect product for the customers. Add more security into geo based data.

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