Anvil and Typingdna can work hand in hand. Where someone uses Anvil API to generate and download Digital PDF file Documents and Typingdna API to secured the digital files pdf documents and thus prevent unauthorized access by maurouding Hackers, Spambots, Malware and Virues etc.

Just an Inspiriation

Covid19 has changed the way Companies, Academic Institutions, Businesses etc. operates. With regards to education sector most schools are transitioning physical classroom learning to an online learning. I created this application to enable Students and Teachers etc. to learn how to generate E-Books, E-tutorials, E-Handouts etc and then share the Pdf download links to one another via Email and SMS components by leveraging Anvil API

The Applications also allow users to Synch or download already Existing PDF Files on the Anvil Server via Pdf TemplatesId and then share the link to one another via Email and SMS.

The Application uses Typingdna Biometric API to enroll Users Biometric Typing Pattern Data during application signup. The application further uses the Enrolled Users bio data to perform Users Validation, Verifications and authentications to ensure that user accessing the application is who the user is supposed to be. Consequently, the application leverages Typingdna to prevents Spambots, viruses or malware etc. from accessing some digital file contents.

What it does

1) A user signup into the application and they are required to capture their Typingdna Biometric Data. This Typingdna Biometric Data are captured twice as recommended by TypingDNA API Documentations. The Users email address now serves as Typingdna UserId. Once Registrations and Typingdna Biometric Data capturing is successful.

2.) The User can now login and they being verified by Typingdna to ensure that the person login into the application is the authorizied person thus Typingdna eliminates the ability of Spamboots, Spywares, Virues and malwares etc. from accessing and downloading someone digital pdf file contents.

3.) A user can Generate New PDF Files, E-Lecture Handouts, Documents etc and then share the download links with others via Email and SMS components.

4.) User can also Download his/her existing PDF Files documents from Anvil Server via API Call and then share the download links with others Email and SMS components.. To download this files from Anvil Server via API Call, the applications requires that the user should submit the Anvil Pdf TemplateID of the file to be synched or downloads

How we built it

This application was built with php, mysql, curl leveraging

1.) Typingdna API
2.) Anvil PDF Generating API.
3.) Anvil PDF Post API
4.) Email Automation Servercies
5.) SMS Gateway API.

What's next for Secured File Share

Built With

  • anvil-api
  • sms-api
  • typingdna-api
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