In 2017, when I had my final exams in India, the national topper in Political Science turned out phoney. In an interview, she said the subject was about cooking. $100-200 were paid to replace her answer sheets. Such incidents happen every year.

What it does

Examinations and degrees have traditionally been issued on physical papers. The problem with that is now we have a multibillion dollar market for fake degrees. Marks get manipulated and exam papers get leaked. This solution will curb all of those problems and provide transparency.

How I built it

I used Vuejs to build the web app. I used the web3 library to interact with MetaMask and the Ethereum blockchain. Finally, I store data in Firebase cloudstore.

Challenges I ran into

  • my laptop died the first night at hackthenorth. I spent the entire night trying to fix it back in my dorm and then eventually ended up joining HTN again on saturday after borrowing a friend's laptop.

  • Vuejs bindings with web3 are really annoying to work with

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I was able to get the multiple choice questions form in. Literally started that at 8am right now.

  • Courses can be bought

What I learned

  • Haven't worked with solidity in a while, it has changed a bit
  • Cache can be really annoying while hot-reloading

What's next for SecurEd

  • I aim to make a company out of this project eventually by building a platform around this and providing an API for institutions to sign up and issue their own degrees.

Built With

  • ethereum
  • vue
  • web3
  • firestore
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