Many people don't take their security seriously enough and may end up having to deal with the consequences. Our homes are meant to keep us safe so shouldn't we do everything to keep it safe as well? That's where SecureAndSafe comes in.

What it does

SecureAndSafe is a security system that includes both security monitoring as well as alarms. When a trigger is detected, the Arduino communicates the data to the local program which then takes an image and stores data in the cloud. The data can then be viewed through the website.

How we built it

Hardware 1x Arduino Uno, 1x LED, 1x Buzzer, 1x 10k Resistor, 1x 330 Resistor, 1x Light Dependent Resistor, 1x Ultrasonic Sensor, 1x Tilt Switch, Breadboard, wires

Hardware code The Arduino was programmed through the Arduino IDE and data was transferred via serial communication to a Python program. The program would then track events, activate the webcam, and store the data to MongoDB and Google Cloud Storage.

Website The website was built using the MERN stack and uses Material UI's templates to improve the aesthetics. The figures and charts were made using Victory.

Challenges we ran into

Many challenges arose when trying to build this project. I had never used Material UI before so even with their documentation and templates I struggled to implement the functionality that I wanted. Some other challenges include; correctly setting up and using Google Cloud Storage and working with the image chunks that MongoDB uses to store images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that the hardware system works and that the local code works as intended. I am also proud of being able to use new technologies in this project like Material UI and Victory.

What we learned

Brand New Material UI, Google Cloud Storage, Victory

Skills improved React JS, Node JS, Python, MongoDB

What's next for SecureAndSafe

I would like to implement many of the features I mentioned in the video like a more robust user authentication system and getting the images from MongoDB. Trying out different sensors and setting them up so they are connected to things in a house would be interesting as well. Finally, I would like to have the Arduino communicate wirelessly so that the system can be used in more ways.

Thank You

If you have any feedback, criticism, or comments, please let me know. Thanks

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