The Issue

Food insecurity—inconsistent access to affordable and nutritious food—is a challenge that plagues our world. We’ve witnessed it everywhere, from the rise of chronic homelessness to the stories of overwhelmed college students who work and study full-time to afford tuition and necessities. The homeless, low-income families, and those who need help the most might not have access to free-meal services or food banks. Despite the urgency of this issue, food waste abounds with leftovers from businesses piling up in the trash.

What It Does

Secure the Bread is a minimalistic web app that aims to combat food insecurity and food waste by connecting local restaurants to communities. By providing a free service to those in need, we give them meals that would have gone to waste. This also serves to help local restaurants, who benefit from tax exemption and saving leftovers.

How we Built It

We built the app using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. We used Bootstrap to launch our project.

Challenges we ran into

Our primary challenge was implementing the map feature into our application. We wanted to include a map so that donors could locate nearby recipients based on their location, however we struggled with deploying this feature. We definitely learned more about the backend aspects that contribute to this project and more about working with JSON files for our data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our goals for this project was creating a minimalist UI design for optimal user experience, and we are proud of our ability to accomplish this goal.

What's next for Secure the Bread

In the future, we hope to expand our application by catering to more communities in the area.

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