The world is filling up with smart phones and smart apps. Each and every organization small or big have their own apps and many of them need some kind of password or authorization to login. Some of them like mobile-banking apps are so secure that they need a two way authentication every time and you should provide your contact number. Now I am introducing and demonstrating a new technology that makes this two way authentication a 'walk in a park' and it doesn't need your mobile number. It uses an innovative communication using your 'mobile camera' and a "'Smartwatch backlight'". Your mobile app sends a randomly generated token to your smartwatch and your smartwatch sends back the same token using a 'Backlight Modulation' which is received by your mobilephone's camera. 3 seconds is all it takes and you have a more secure login. Right now the technology is demonstrated using a Pebble Smartwatch and Android Smartphone.

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