Some time ago we created Secure Fields for Jira. The app helps users to expand data security for Jira users. We found out that Confluence users have similar issues with keeping data secure and existing Confluence features can be a little hard to manage and enforce keeping data secure.

What it does

The app ease content security management in Confluence Cloud. It allows space admins to create reusable "restriction templates" that can be applied by users with just 2 clicks or can secure newly-created content automatically thanks to automation rules that are based on selected conditions (when conditions are met, specified templates are applied in background).

How I built it

It's AWS-stored pure js application that uses Confluence API to secure content. All data is stored directly in Confluence, so there was no need to build persistency layer. Application purely relies on REST API requests.

Challenges I ran into

We tried out (and finally got it) not to keep any user data in our application and rely on Atlassian cloud data only.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating app that solves well-defined problem and do it without involving huge effort on both users and admins side. It's our first cloud app, so most of work was connected to explore APIs and solve small technical issues.

What I learned

This plugin was our first successful attempt to cloud development and extesive usage of Confluence REST APIs.

What's next for Secure Pages for Confluence

Create version for on-premise and add more features like export/import template, maybe add more conditions...

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