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Damian suggested looking deeper into Shamir's Secret Sharing, a secret sharing algorithm that could serve as an interesting encryption tool. Despite its potential use-cases, there have been limited real-life applications of the idea. Furthermore, such applications have been limited to only protecting strings. Hence, we decided to take this idea further and provide a SAAS - storing files securely using the same idea, and making it convenient to do so by abstracting away all the technicalities.

What it does

Provide a platform for people to securely store their files. Files are encrypted (with the original file discarded), and the secret decryption key (which is also later discarded) is split into shares which are essentially "keys" that, when enough are put together, allow for the original key to be recovered. Gaining access to the files requires an adjustable number of shares that are combined together to form the final secret. For example, if the number of shares is set to 5 and the threshold is 3, there will be a total of 5 shares to be distributed, and 3 or more are required for the original key to be recovered and hence decrypt the file. This can be used in a variety of ways, such as to ensure credibility and also to make sure that files can be retrieved still even if some of the shares are lost. To further add security, whenever the file is decrypted, the decrypted file is promptly deleted after the user downloads the file.

How we built it

c9.io + git for development
jquery and bootstrap for frontend
node,js, express, multer, passport, NeDB, SSSA-js, file-encryption, keygenerator and many other modules
Adobe photoshop and Illustrator for design

Challenges we ran into

Wi-Fi was unreliable
Some of us had limited experience with web design
Novel topic which required some brainstorming

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Features were fully implemented
Value-added features such as file expiration
Polished design

What we learned

Coming up with an idea and executing it is not easy
All the libraries are actually already out there; you just need to be able to know where to find them
Teamwork makes the dream work

What's next for Secure Online Sharing

2 FA
Mobile site
Fix the issues with chrome

For the link - please avoid chrome

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