Dan, Dom and I have often brainstormed ideas to extend the Field Service demo mobile application that Dan and Dom built for Innovation Tour events over the past year. One area of potential extension is adding file upload, perhaps for images of damaged devices as part of a warranty claim process that the field service rep could initiate for the customer as part of their repair service... Or images of device serial numbers to match device IDs in backend systems, or personal customer info (like drivers license image) as part of a warranty application process that the field service tech could run through their mobile app... MoveIT is a great solution for that use case. This would add additional physical device functionality tie-ins which reinforce the native mobile vs. responsive web story, justifying the creation of a native mobile app. This could be extended even further by geo-tagging any photos... (Though, of course, PWAs could achieve a similar end, but we'll pretend for now I didn't just say that :-)).

Could potentially add some MoveIT Automation scripts on the backend that process the images, perhaps running them through Google AI image libraries to confirm they are indeed DL images, or to do some OCR from them to confirm names, addresses, or the format of serial numbers...etc.

Or could have the backend lookup device reference material, parts list info and availability and/or repair instructions based on device image recognition or serial number match up...etc. We can pivot on the specific use case, enabling technology remains the same/similar...

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