Inspiration -> Ilegal medical practices and forging of medical prescription and the real incident that happened in my area, made me and inspired me to create a platform which can mitigate the frauds related to medical prescription.

What it does: The proposed system comprises the blockchain and centralized database which records the details of prescribed medicines along with government id. The proposed system store the data on the blockchain as well as on a centralized database server. The recorded must be validated before adding to the blockchain. The centralized server plays an important role in the validation step. To be inserted, data is being encrypted in such a way that only the owner of data can decrypt it.

How I built it: I used Hyperledger sawtooth, Python, RestFramework, MySQL and Memcache. I used the Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), AES, and SHA256.

Challenges I ran into: Running blockchain is itself a challenge, but I faced the challenge in the encryption part. Validation of encryption data was the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I successfully create Privacy in the data, and that is totally a novel thing.

What I learned: I learned about the blockchain working, how it works exactly. How data is getting validated. Different kind of encryption, such as RSA and ECC, I have studied.

What's next for Secure Medical Data using Blockchain & Centralize Database

To implement it in a real environment. Such as in university. Mobile app to interact with blockchain node.

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