gun violence is a problem which is very current and is the need of the hour. we present a tech solution to address this issue.

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What it does

This is an electronic locker meant to store secure items, in our case firearms and ammunition. The locker operates using facial recognition, which is activated by a touch sensitive handle that uses a capacitive sensor. When a person touches the handle of the locker, a small camera inconspicuously embedded in the door of the locker takes a picture of the person, and if the person is recognized as an authorized user of the locker, the locker unlocks and the user can then access the contents. When the user closes the locker door, the camera takes another picture and an object detection algorithm is run to determine whether the user has a firearm in his/her possession. If so, an alert is generated with an appropriate law enforcement agency/officer via text message, automated call and a mapping engine which shows the coordinates of the armed person. At every stage of this process, the pictures taken are logged and may be accessed by an android app, a web interface or a desktop interface. In cases of emergency, the locker can be opened with a special access NFC card, which also triggers alerts. As an added feature, individual boards used in the system are configured to run BOINC projects such as Rosetta Stone, SETI@Home and LHC@home during idle time to utilize their computing power.

How we built it

The first task was to procure a cabinet, this we got from home depot. A basic wooden cabinet with no handle. Next, we fixed a handle and a bolt. The handle was connected with a capacitive sensor which detects touch, and a servo motor which turns the bolt to lock the cabinet.

Challenges we ran into

integrating all the pieces together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the cabinet is operational, the major functionality all works

What we learned

secure access and ease of access are very very difficult to satisfy simultaneously, however this can be largely achieved through meticulous planning and design

What's next for Secure Locker

steps to improve and promote Secure Locker to the pressing problem of unauthorized access to guns

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