Need for enterprises and employees to manage DEFI assets.

What it does

It is a walled using Samsung Knox secure container (TEE) for top security. If give the possibility for employee to have a crypto and asset wallet on they phone. The company can make rules and constraint on the wallet to make sure the employee follow the companies rules. Monitoring and reporting are push back to the company. The wallet add services like AAVE deposit for crypto.

How I built it

Samsung knox for the security. Only java & c, no javascript to be able to have security review and certification for the app. Web3j for connection to Ethereum network and Oasis Lab network. Oasis lab network for enterprise administration and reposting as private data. Oasis lab node running on my server. AAVE smart contract for adding DEFI services in the wallet.

Challenges I ran into

Web3, as usual. Need to do a java app for top security, much harder than javascript where all the API already exist. Neet to develop API from scratch. Running Cosmos node.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Have a functional java app embedded with Samsung knox. Another victory on Web3, this time from java.

What I learned

Web3j Oasis Cosmos AAVE

What's next for Enterprise Wallet

Add all sorts of coins Add other smart contract services and crypto exchange

Built With

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