This hack is based on a real-life bank account passbook, GLOBE-XS is basically an application where user can sign in after verifying certain Personal and Bank related credentials. After which he can log in using the GLOBE-XS id allotted and four-digit pin that the user sets. This is a basic level application that provides the facility to view up-to Eight latest transactions made by our user. GLOBE-XS collaborates with four dummy banks named AXIS BANK, ICICI BANK, CENTRAL BANK and HDFC BANK any user of these four dummy banks can use our application to know his transaction details just on a click without much hassle. This app also gives a subtle insight into Speech recognition and SMTP modules of Python. Inclusion of these the module has enabled an Interactive and Authentic way of running application and dealing with real-time bank environment. We have made sure that UI which is made using the Tkinter module of Python is easy interactive and user-friendly as customer and user satisfaction is a must.

Built With

  • libraries
  • modules
  • programing
  • python
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