How Secure Do you Feel?

What it does

Secure is an Apartment Security and Home Automation designed for students and apartment dwellers.

How We built it

Using esp8266 as the backbone for the hardware system, we created cheap, portable, wireless sensors that can be placed in an apartment including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Daylight
  • Motion
  • Door (open/closed)
  • Location and Presence Detection (iBeacon)

As well as control of Lights (LEDS), and buzzer for intruder alerts.

This data is stored in Firebase, ready for our clean and easy to use mobile application. The app shows the values from these sensors, as well as smart notifications to warn you of different events such as:

  • iWatch Notification
  • Unauthorized Entry
  • Unauthorized Motion
  • Fire
  • Temperature threshold (pets, plants, etc)

Challenges We ran into

We intended to use the FLIR Lepton using the esp8266. We kept running into ram issues and buffer overflow from the frames from the camera. If we were to do it again, we would use something slightly more powerful.

Accomplishments that We proud of

We are very proud of the how the system is modular. If we had more sensors and more time, we could easily add to the system. The "If this then that" type behavior and interaction between devices is what we are most proud of accomplishing.

What's next for Secure

Customization for user defined "if this then that" type behavior. Securing apartments for all.

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