To be honest, I never liked UI design, thought it's something you have to learn if you want to be a full stack developer. That said, after seeing the Swissquote challenge I decided to give it a try. I have know swissquote for a while and it will be a pleasure to work for their challenge

What it does

Shows three graphs:

  • Time Serie Price
  • Candle Stick Price
  • Time Serie Volume

Thought the interesting point is that it is able to do it for a full sector. What means that a professional investor who wants to invest on a particular area, can check the full market status

How I built it

I used node as backend for the rest API and strong calculations. The data provided by Swissquote is stored in a Mongo database. The GUI is based on HTML,CSS,JS, using jquery and bootstrap as main frameworks.

Challenges I ran into

Given the fact that we have data for every two/three seconds, aggregate all that data was a hard challenge. Also aggreating the previous calculation for several companies on same sector proved to be extremely hard

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the product LOL. I mean, I'm proud of every single functionality of my code

What I learned

  • Stock concepts
  • Improved nodejs
  • UI design

What's next for SectorStock

Notification Subscription system to warn the user on live basis

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