== WILDHACKS 2015: Secret Santa Generator By Julia, Cristen, Alex, and Morgan

Secret Santa was built by second year computer science students at UCLA and Northwestern during Northwestern's WildHacks 2015. We came in with minimal experience and decided to utilize our given time to explore new programmming languages and project concepts in order to create a simple Secret Santa generator. One of our team members had experience in Rails, so she developed the backend. Meanwhile, the other team members experimented with using HTML and CSS.

Secret Santa facilitates the holiday gift exchange tradition by automatically assigning group members to one another after each member enters the group using a unique group name and password. Members are then sent an automatic gift exchange partner via email, which simplifies the process of coming together in person to essentially draw names out of a hat.

In these past 24 hours, we have managed to create the group and group member interface, complete with secure login. We did not have time to finish the email component, but may continue working on it in the future.

Thank you for checking out Secret Santa! Enjoy!

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