Electricity is largely taken for granted. Most people don't pay much thought to how much energy they use, how much it costs, or time-of-use rates. It's hard enough get them to remember their turn their lights off when they leave a room, so why would bother with an app that used their smart meter data?

I wanted to created something that anyone would find interesting, from my Dad to my little sister. But interesting isn't enough; it would need to be 'shocking' enough to make people want to share it.

And so, I made a fun electricity infographic that can be personalized with your smart meter data; it's called 'Secrets from your Smart Meter.'

Here are a few things I think the infographic achieves:

  1. It helps you actually understand how much electricity you use (a 'kilowatt-hour' is a very abstract concept).
  2. It tells you where your electricity comes from, and what that means in terms of waste.
  3. It shows you how your actual usage relates to time-of-use rates.
  4. You get to understand when you tend to use the most and least, so you can focus on the big issues (ex. A/C in the summer).
  5. It makes you realize that your electricity use can tell a lot about you, like when you tend to sleep, make dinner, or go on vacation (and so, perhaps sharing your data willy-nilly isn't the best idea).

I'm excited to see this infographic 'go viral' once utilities launch the Green Button API.

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